VersaSpa & VersaSpa Pro Options:

justine_tanline_fadeout1Maybe you have a hot date tonight, party, prom or a wedding and you need a tan in a hurry. For whatever reason, visit Body Perfect Tanning and get VersaSpa’d® today.

VersaSpa® has combined innovation after innovation to create the world’s first automatic skin treatment that helps you bronze, hydrate, and smooth your skin in just 60 seconds. . We call it VersaSpa®. It’s still sunless tanning. We just revolutionized it through advanced science.

We invite you to experience VersaSpa® for yourself. And when you’re finished, you’ll understand all the science you need to know.

Imagine… one system fulfilling diverse needs that are desirable and always in season. Where spa-like treatments spur heightened experiences. Where flawless quality and comfort meet. Imagine… one system that evokes the skin’s youthfulness – soft, smooth, supple, where skin is quickly fortified and moisturized, bronzed, hydrated and beautiful.

Innovations like a wide open interior design, an EZ-2Breathe purification system, Comfort-Dry technology, and an intelliSENSE control system allows you to choose treatments for full body, face or just legs to be tanned.

Ryan-Em-Booth9939.pathsVersaSpa® features four different full-body skin treatments, allowing each guest to customize their tanning application. You can choose from a pre-sunless hydration spray, a skin bronzing solution, an anti-aging moisturizer, or a UV skin-defining maximizer.

                        Two sunless  bronzing solutions to choose from:

-Cosmetic Bronzer

This solution applies the Sunless Tan bronzing solution while at the same time applying a cosmetic bronzer that allows you to see immediate results of your tan. The cosmetic bronzers will wash off with your first shower leaving you with a beautiful “Just off the beach” color. If the cosmetic bronzer gets on your clothes, sheets, etc. then it can be washed out of your Items with cold water. Both solutions have the same end result, but with the BRONZE solution you will leave the salon looking tan!

-Clear Bronzer

This solution applies the VersaSpa® bronzing solution WITHOUT the cosmetic bronzer. This solution is ideal if you are tanning during your lunch break or while wearing lighter colored clothing as no cosmetic bronzer will rub off on your clothes.

No matter which solution you choose your end result will be identical. In 6 hours after you have experienced the VersaSpa you will have a beautiful golden bronze tan.

Note: Sunless tanning does not provide protection from the sun’s rays and is a completely cosmetic tan. Many tanners choose to combine the effects of UV-Tanning with VersaSpa® to produce a true base tan, your body’s natural protection from the sun.