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By submitting this form you authorize Body Perfect Tanning to freeze your membership. Your membership will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle. Your card on file will be charged $5.00 monthly on your selected draft date until the end of the freeze period specified (4 Months Max). Your membership will become active and draft the full amount at the end of the freeze period unless you cancel before that date.

(If you are submitting this form within 48hrs/12:01 a.m. of your selected draft date, then you must visit us in store to freeze your account and verify your membership has successfully been frozen.) -NO EXCEPTIONS


If you have questions regarding our cancellation policies or wish to cancel your membership please call or visit one of our 2 locations.Cancelations must be signed in store and at least 1 day prior to your draft date. Further questions or issues please contact Body Perfect Tanning during our normal business hours.