Skin Care

Body Perfect carries a full line of salon formula skin care products to fit each of our client’s needs. Please visit one of our salons for a free consultation with one of our skin care consultants to find the exact products to fit your individual needs.




Healthy skin is of utmost importance for acquiring a golden tan. Professional indoor tanningproducts are specially formulated to provide the skin with vital moisture that is necessary beforetanning and also after tanning. Healthier skin has the capacity to develop and hold on to a tan fora longer period of time than unhealthy skin. This gives you the added benefit of being able toachieve a darker, deeper tan by building upon the existing foundation.

Dry skin on the other hand tends to flake, peeling away layers of tan with it. Professional indoortanning lotions and after care products are designed to keep your skin constantly moisturized,which is essential during and after the tanning process. These lotions contain a host of vitalingredients including vitamins, natural oils, minerals, anti-oxidants, natural botanical extractsand Aloe Vera; all of which help boost your tanning efforts. People who do not use professionalindoor tanning lotions and after care products do not get the valuable benefits that these nutrientshave to offer.


The Best Tan and the Best Skin Care!spa-tanning

Looking for a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan with maximumskin care? Our trained consultants at Body Perfect Tanning knowthat maximum tanning results combined with outstanding skincare can be achieved with breakthrough tanning products from ourfeatured professional tanning partners such as, Australian Gold,Swedish Beauty, California Tan, Matahari and Designer Skin.These high quality indoor tanning accelerators, intensifiers, bronzersand after care products magnify the tanning process allowing youto get a longer lasting golden bronze tan in less time, while alsoproviding maximum skin care through intense moisturizers andskin conditioners. Feel free to click on the links below to our lotionpartners and then visit us to select the lotion that is perfect for youwith the help of our trained consultants.